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Updated: Feb 28

No.16.   in my series of short stories.


Fat sheep in the paddock and at home on the farm.
Woolley Jumpers.

Continuing my very awesome life here

in Tasmania. Running my own race and having always been strong and fiercely independent.

After painting mostly realism in watercolour for nearly 30years and using trays of water with desert red and orange colousr for soils, with faultless clear powder blue for skies, eucalyptus green for the scantily leafed white gums in the Western Australian outback.

It was now my time to paint beautiful green bushes and heavily leafed trees and lots of little crooked weatherboard houses with red rooves, broken down fences, and old dented 44 gallon drums. In the paddocks, can sometimes be found Hills hoist clothes lines and silly little chooks and fat sheep, lots of sheep and birds and of course my Jelly Bean Trees.

My art needed to loosen up be a little freer I found it rather difficult at first it is very hard to lose the neatness. I have always been a neat freak in my house in my garden and with my art. As I have moved forward in my career I only want to paint, so things like neatness that always seemed to be so important are falling by the way side. It is a lot of fun painting my thoughts, so by looking at my child like art you can see where my mind goes.

Though my art is still structured I don't often pre draw I just pick up a paint brush and go for it, step back sit down and have a cuppa and a scone or a biscuit then peruse what I have done on the canvas, getting up and out of my chair I then use my thoughts to make something out of it all. My imagination runs wild, loving to remember the things we did as kids in the city or on the farm, out in the bush or in the desert. A myriad of memories of my life in this great country I have grown up in.

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Mar 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love that little story Bev, takes me to other places as I read. Also takes me to our Karratha days, when I used to pop in for a visit and see what wonders you had created. ❤️

Beverley Skurulis
Beverley Skurulis
Mar 07, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much for your comment I like to try to do something a bit out of the square it helps to keep me happy in my art. Enjoy your day.

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