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Marble Bar Ironclad Hotel

Updated: Jul 2

No.72. In my series of short stories.

from Marble Bar to the Comet Gold Mine an in between for a swim .
Marble Bar Ironclad Hotel

We had arrived in Marble Bar after a few days gold prospecting, it was stinking hot so we decided on a few cold ones at the Marble Bar Ironclad Hotel in the main street of Marble Bar.

The pub was built in the 1890's and it is iconic, one can not help but love the atmosphere the old decor and the people. Arriving hot and covered in red dirt it was time for a cold one or two beers. After also deciding to have dinner we all got stuck into the biggest tenderest steaks, they were really worth talking about. We met up with some policeman friends of ours and those few cold ones ended up rather more than just the few we were expecting to have. A great night was had by all (I think) and into the wee hours out the back of the pub into an old donger (portable Australian building) often used on construction sights and we continued our party

This watercolour is one of a pair and the track in the painting, is on the way to the Comet Gold Mine (8klms out of Marble Bar) where there is so many interesting rocks on display for the tourists. The town of Marble Bar got its name from a large vein of deep red rock that runs along side the river. The original settlers thought it was marble. Later they found out that the deep red stone was Jasper. Our kids were always collecting rocks, while I was drawing them and my husband was shifting them around looking for gold, so we all had a part in Australia's beautiful back yard.

In the 1970's 80's and 90's we did the rounds visiting some of the cattle stations to see friends. Ann and Lang Coppin who's family took up the holding of Yarrie Station in 1886. Yarrie is situated North of Marble Bar in the midst of picturesque country crossed by the De Grey River, the station is now run by their daughter Annabelle. Ann and Lang were always friendly in fact Ann gave me her mothers old treadle sewing machine which I often used for small sewing jobs. We sometimes had a meal at the homestead. Then off to Muccan Bamboo Springs and Bonney Downs to name a few, we would drive for days exploring, detecting, painting, drawing and swimming in water holes. Those were the times that were so full on and so much fun.

I painted hundreds of the old homesteads, sheds and out buildings and all the interesting bits inside them, lots of first settlers paraphernalia

I now have another life one of several new starts and this is a great one so if you are ever in Tasmania give me a call and pop into my gallery I am sure you will enjoy it.

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Pamela Skurulis
Pamela Skurulis
Jun 18
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

That steak, I still remember how yummy it was 😋 Loved Marble Bar, it was my favourite town as a child. Awesome memories 😊

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