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Perth on the Swan River.

No.74. In my series of short stories.

My playground and where I grew up.
Perth on the Swan River


Living in Perth on the Swan River holds a bowl of memories and heaps of fun.

Choosing to start this painting with a back drop undercoat of graffiti spray paint then adding the more traditional brushstrokes that outline the city skyline and foreshore. Preferring to blend these techniques to capture the serene beauty of the area.

I have a deep connection to Perth and the Swan River, with a wealth of memories woven into my artistic process. Never forgetting the huge Moreton Bay Fig trees between the city and the river. We walked and rode our bikes on the foreshore path on so many occasions. Remembering the Blue Boat Shed which is now an iconic attraction

It was a thought process to recreate these memories and landmarks in my painting, especially the iconic blue boat shed and the University of Western Australia, which holds personal significance to our childhood. The University is painted into the bottom left hand corner of the artwork and the boat shed is in the upper part of the bay out on the river..

Using oil sticks to build up texture, layer by layer suggesting a tactile and expressive approach to my art. It is a meticulous process, where each stroke contributes to the depth and richness of the final piece. Adding finishing touches to highlight and bring everything together, giving that extra dimension of light and realism.

Overall my painting not only captures the physical landscape of Perth but also the emotional landscape of my memories and experiences. It is a wonderful blend of my artistic techniques and personal storytelling.

This painting was a commission for a family member and is a tribute to our personal experiences.

UNDERCOAT: GOLD NC ACRYLIC Professional Spray Paint Montana.Cans


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