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Matilda Bay.

Updated: Feb 28

Matilda Bay No.803 SOLD. What fun to paint something so colourful, I love it. Starting with the basic background colours on my canvas and then sit back and recall all the things we got up to as children.

My art more than often has something to do with my growing up years and the places I have been or lived.

After long and careful consideration I slowly start to add the fun parts to the painting. This process often takes a few days or a few weeks until I think that the painting is balanced in every way I can. Choosing what medium to paint with or using an assortment of mediums, before usually finishing off with a coat of thinned down transparent Oil Paint and sometimes a gloss varnish.

No.9   in my series of short stories.

Matilda Bay-Perth-swimming-swan river- Perth-picnic
Matilda Bay Perth Western Australia

With Perth city in the background and a lovely hot summers sky and families and friends enjoying a day out at the beach.

An Ansett aeroplane flying high from the Perth Airport, yachts sailing by and the usual multitudes of chip eagles (Seagulls) hovering overhead hanging about for food or stealing chips off someones chip paper on the lawn. A Pelican waiting his turn for a quick feed but no chance against all those Seagulls. The Coon Cheese is in the Esky as it is needed to make up a quick sandwich snack, the two girls in the shade under their striped umbrella will have a cold drink with their sandwich. Children walking the dog, playing ball, fishing off the jetty, a dog having a squirt on the tree and a young lady on the right doing her exercises. A teenage lad sunning it on his towel, he has his hat over his face so it is possibly he is having a snooze whilst keeping the sun out of his eyes. Two young girls cross legged looking good with their hats and their skimpy bikinis whilst watching everyone having a fun day in the bay. Jumping, diving, or fishing off the jetty as most kids did when they were growing up around the Swan River. I recall my girlfriend jumping off in the deep water before me and loosing her false teeth, we duck dived for ages but never found them. Her mum was going to go ballistic when she got home with no top teeth, so I failed to walk home with her on that day. I had never seen someone so young have false teeth. I was around 12years old as was she. I suppose that is a little bit of useless information but it all adds up to the wonderful colourful life I lead.

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