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Time for a holiday.

Updated: 4 days ago

No.19.   in my series of short stories.


holiday in paradise
Time for a holiday

A painting in oil on canvas over several months mostly during COVID.

Locked up on my own due to having my kidney removed in March 2020, and of course Covid, it was the month that Tasmania was closed down.

Due to all the above this painting was put aside unfinished. As I started to recover, the days and weeks went by at a leisurely pace and my art seemed like it was achievable again. Held up in my gallery and house I had some wonderful friends delivering the food and items I needed so that I could take care of myself through that gruelling time.

I decided not to start a fresh painting after spotting this one amongst other unfinished pieces. Having all but forgotten about it it spiked an interest in me again as soon as I saw it.

Title: Time for a holiday. This painting depicts the holiday that I wanted and needed to go on but never got around to. The encompassing light on the hill in this painting I hoped would be the light to lead me to the next stage in my life.

Another step forward is what I hoped for but I have not been able to find that step as times and tides have made our lives somewhat more challenging, so it looks like I am back doing what I do best, PAINTING, until I think up something different to keep this head of mine in its right place.

30years of painting in watercolour, 25years in oil and acrylic, pastels, ink and so many other types of media I often think how lucky I am that I put so many hours into my art and now I am able to do this all so much more professionally.

Being self taught gave me the option to paint whatever I liked and not be channeled by a teacher, this is why you will see so many unique styles and it is all about me spending the time and effort to make my way through this wonderful life I lead.

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