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Sturt's Desert Pea

Updated: Mar 22

No.60 in my series of short stories.

My experiences and observations of the Sturt's Desert Pea "Red Eye" variant, adds an interesting dimension to my connection with this unique flower. Desert Pea (Swainsona formosa) is indeed a fascinating and iconic Australian wildflower, usually known for its striking red and black blossom.

The Red Eye is to be found on the Burrup Peninsula near Dampier in Western Australia. Dampier is known for its rich Aboriginal rock art and unique flora, making it a remarkable place for nature enthusiasts and artists alike. For three decades I captured the essence of Sturt's Desert Pea through my paintings, whilst living in the North West of WA.

The rarity of the White Sturt's Desert Pea further adds to the allure, as finding them requires a keen eye and a deep appreciation for the subtle beauty of the natural world.

The fact that the Black Eye variant is more commonly embraced by my clients, highlights the impact of familiarity and recognition in art appreciation. Still my decision to include the Red Eye in my paintings demonstrates a commitment to capturing the diversity and uniqueness of this species. It is apparent that Sturt's Desert Pea has been a muse for my artistic expression, and my dedication to portraying it from various locations in the Pilbara region adds depth and authenticity to my past body of work. Having the ability to convey the beauty and significance of such a distinctive flower through my art.

The black eye holds cultural and symbolic significance, and is the floral emblem of South Australia.

I will possibly be transitioning from a weekly to a fortnightly blog post in the near future in order to prioritise and dedicate more time to focus on what truly matters to me "MY ART". This decision allows me to channel my energy and creativity into my paintings, without feeling overwhelmed by the constant need to update various online platforms. I need to remember I am still managing an art gallery and juggling various roles such as being a housekeeper, gardener, delivery person, mother, grandmother and a great grandmother, a repairs and maintenance person, and a psychiatrist, this is indeed all demanding.  

This shift may help me strike a better balance between my creative pursuits and other responsibilities. I do hope you all understand and appreciate the dedication I am putting into my art. It's essential to find a rhythm that allows me to enjoy what I need to do. PAINT

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Mar 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Always a good read and it also makes me remember so many things from my past in the Pilbara. You have to feed your passion and find balance in your journey. Appreciate the ride ....


Glen Slee
Glen Slee
Mar 05
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

All good Beverley. I can imagine the 'pressure' to keep up a weekly blog...and I have no desire to engage in such. I've enjoyed reading what you have posted, and will continue to enjoy viewing, and appreciating your art, and your memories.

Beverley Skurulis
Beverley Skurulis
Mar 06
Replying to

Thank you for your comment Glen, I have just started numbering my blogs and the last one was No.60. I will keep going but probably not as often as I do enjoy the memories. Thanks again for your comments and I do hope you are well.

Kind Regards


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