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Post Cards

Updated: 4 days ago

No.53.   in my series of short stories.

Post Cards

I had a fascinating and meaningful artistic journey in and around the desert, capturing the essence of indigenous life in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions. The fact that I painted a series of 53 watercolour paintings in various sizes and successfully sold them all at one art exhibition in the North West of WA, that speaks volumes about the impact of my work. Each image I photographed adjusted and minimised to become a set of 53 Post Cards that were sold throughout the area at Truck stops, Road houses and Visitors centres in the North and South West of WA.

The painting shown above sparked controversy, especially when depicting a friend of mine in his bark hut or "humpy" he was having an afternoon nap after a couple of beers. Art has the power to evoke strong emotions and discussions, and it's evident that this piece resonated with people on various levels.

The recurring motif of the boy on the bike (Riley) with his dog Jess adds a personal touch to some of my Pilbara artworks, creating a thread that connects my pieces. My friend in the humpy liked my paintings and his words about my art were "you make 'em picture good colour, you make 'em happy," encapsulates the positive impact my art has on those who appreciate it. Art has the ability to transcend boundaries and convey emotions, stories, and perspectives.

My 30 years experience in and out of the desert and the relationships I formed with the indigenous people have undoubtedly enriched my artistic expression.

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