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It's bloody hot out here.

Updated: Feb 28

No.2 in my series of short stories

Original painting Nullagine River
It's bloody hot out here.

No. 1356. It's bloody hot out here.

Arriving late in the day at Sylvania Cattle Station in the Pilbara area of Western Australia and finding that this vast piece of desert was owned by my estranged mothers cousin.

We were gold prospecting. Besides the gold we managed to extract from this rock hard earth, and not realising at the time that I was storing memories for my future paintings.

I love to depict places and small items in my art work things that have come into or have passed by in my life. The rubbish tips on these cattle stations and the finds that are oh so interesting. Retrieving old furniture from Stations, mustering sheds, meat houses, out houses and shearing sheds. Lots of this furniture had been hand made by early settlers. Remembering the chest of drawers that I picked up from a dry river bed out the back of Nullagine.

My house and gallery are full of those finds. More stories and pictures as I try to get used to blogging. This painting depicts the area we camped in. The painting is 1.6m wide and 41cm high is painted in Watercolour & Gouache and finished behind glass with mounts and framed ready to hang.

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