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Some mothers do have them.

Updated: Feb 28

No.3 in my series of short stories.

Always interested in art and drawing on most things. If you are interested in art just give it a go its like anything, the more you do the more you learn.

Art kept my head in a place that I could sort of control. It beats todays method of giving medication to a child who has a different personality. I believe that I probably have what is now called ADHD. My father was much the same and looking back that is why he understood me. My backbone to my career was my father.

My father had an earth moving company and I used to sit drawing for hours at his drafting table. Always finding something to draw on, my school books, my brown paper lunch bag, even animation on a whole toilet roll. The local butcher in our suburban strip shopping, supplied me with large sheets of meat wrapping white paper which my father used to get for me in bundles.

Sometimes house bound when I was growing up, for whatever reason or was sent to my room, my father said that I could paint and draw all over my bedroom ceiling and walls as it was only a tin of paint to cover it up, so go for it. I had years of fun.

Childhood stories in my art.
Some mothers do have them.

Cartoon characters out of comic books, trees and flowering creepers climbing up the walls, beer bottle labels, stuff, just stuff that kept me occupied whilst I was in my room. As a teenager I started painting on my friends cars. Once again more cartoons. I have just realised that is probably why I have a lot of animation in my art. Wow thats a discovery at the age of 72. Yes some mothers do have them.

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Unknown member
May 18, 2022

Great story Beverley! Look forward to more!

Beverley Skurulis
Beverley Skurulis
Mar 23, 2023
Replying to

Hi. with a little luck and inspiration I hope to be doing lots more as I have lots to say. Thank you

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