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Australian Red Kangaroo.

No.71 In my series of short stories.

Kangaroo drinking from a puddle.
Australian Red Kangaroo

I never thought that I would produce 70 Blogs over a year and a half. It has been extremely interesting remembering back over the years, from when I was a child drawing with chalk on the footpath in front of my childhood home at No.40 The Avenue Nedlands Perth Western Australia.

My picture of the Australian Red Kangaroo

or Big Red as we referred to them was the first pastel I ever attempted and finished. Over the months following I did several more though the novelty soon wore off as most of my ideas do once I think I have accomplished the technique.

Over 60 years I have tried played and accomplished so many different techniques. At the moment I do have another idea just need to mull it over for a short while.

So much art on the internet and it is not making things easy as everything most people think is new is old, just re jigged. Mark making where you just scribble lines and make pictures out of them. Mr Squiggle, was doing that same thing and he was created by cartoonist and puppeteer Norman Hetherington OAM, done for children on television 70 years ago. Now that is what I call initiative.

Today I am not in the mood for writing and the weather is horrendous. Up to the shop to buy myself a hot roast dinner to bring home and roll up on the couch in front of the log fire and watch a movie.

Catch you next week with something I hope will be a little more interesting.

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Jun 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Exquisite. Trust lunch and the movie were enjoyable. 😘

Beverley Skurulis
Beverley Skurulis
Jun 12
Replying to

Lunch only $12.95 and is the best roast Pork and veg. It makes two meals so why would I prepare cook then have to clean up and wash dishes, a lot easier to just throw a container in the bin. Yep it was all pretty nice.


Pamela Skurulis
Pamela Skurulis
Jun 11
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It was a lovely picture 😍

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