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Ivy & me. No.799.

Updated: Feb 28

No.14.   in my series of short stories.

Myself and my Nanna
Ivy & me


Thoroughly enjoyed painting this Mixed Media work on canvas.

I love the flexibility of being able to put my hand to brush and coming up with any style I like.

So positively happy that I am self taught and have never been formatted into one style.

Above is a portrait of my maternal grandmother Ivy and me, you can pick her on the right with her 20's hairdo and hat , and me I more than often are out wearing a hat and of course my red hair is a dead give away though it is curly not straight as I have painted.

Ivy & Grandad, my grandparents had a wheat and sheep farm in a tiny little wheat siding in Jennacubbine or Jenna as we refer to it. Jenna is around 120miles North East of Perth and not so far from Northam. If you are a Western Australian you will understand where it's at.

Off to the farm sometimes getting up to 90miles an hour (145klms) in our brand new light green FJ Holden. I am presuming this is where I acquired my love of fast old cars. Kids in the back, no seat belts and playing solitaire without a worry in the world. Another game I loved was guessing which town a particular car was garaged at as the Western Australian number plates had the first few letters of the town the vehicle came from. You will sometimes still see some of these number plates around the state. (Jennacubbine's number plate came under N for Northam). eg. N.1234

My grandfather was a trickster always teasing always after a laugh on my behalf. Lots to do outside get on the back of the open tray truck, load on the hay and off to feed the sheep. The sheep would see us coming and follow the truck while we threw off the feed. A sheep in the following flock was having trouble with a piece of fencing wire caught up in its woolen coat and Grandad said, jump down and grab the wire and what ever you do don't let go, and I did what I was told for a short while and let go after dragging through all the sheep dropping, weeds, mud, and whatever else lay on the ground.

We often had to make an excuse why we were so filthy dirty when we arrived home later in the day, we could never dob in Grandad as the fun would have to stop.

Part of our day was chores like collecting the eggs and rounding up the chooks. Ivy had named them after us kids Beverley Kaye and David the rooster. Always having to keep an eye on them as the crows and foxes would get in for a feed of fresh hen, so traps were set, Bit rough when Beverley got eaten by the bloody fox.

Thoroughly enjoyed painting this Mixed Media work on canvas.e it a go another day

Thanks for following me.

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Fran Martini
Fran Martini
Feb 05, 2023

Love you stories Bev keep

Beverley Skurulis
Beverley Skurulis
Feb 05, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for looking. If you are ever in town in need of a coffee give me a call.

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