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Baaa-rilliant farm scene

Reg Dog
Baaa-rilliant farm scene

FOR SALE. No.1726. New release.

Having just finished this brand new mixed media on Belgium linen of myself and my Red Dog. Priced @ $2000 Framed with a black float frame. The painting measures 25cm x 20cm and is a Baaa-rilliant farm scene of Mount Roland in North West Tasmania.

Anyone who has subscribed will get the first look at my new art. That's if I remember to add them into my blogs.

The series of My Red Dog has become a very popular one having painted over 50 of them over the last couple of years.

If you look deeply into the painting you will see me with my curly red hair calling to red dog on the horizon. He is in so many of my paintings as it just got so damn hot in Western Australia, and in my mind I thought he would need a cooler climate and I brought him with me to Tassie for a holiday.

When we lived in Karratha Western Australia the real Red Dog from the movie was a regular. The Road Trains would pull into the truck bays, and as they used their heavy brakes to stop, large clouds of (pindan) or bull dust as it is referred to in the outback would blow around in the hot breeze, it was very hot dry and dirty. Red Dog would jump down from the cab of the truck after a long haul up the Great Northern Highway and beyond. He made a b line under the barbed wire fence into the back of the caravan park where we first lived in the 1970's. He would come to find some shade under our caravan and to be fed by my kids a nice cool drink of water and something to eat.

I do spend a lot of time driving around trying to get ideas for my paintings and my Red Dog just seemed to fit in so nicely. With lots of quaint little weatherboard houses around Tassie and for some silly reason they very much appeal to me and they are so much fun to paint. The neatness of the grass the often broken down picket fences and old sheds all make up a happy life style here in Tasmania and my Red Dog loves it all as much as I do.

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