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A New Place.

Updated: Feb 29

No.23.   in my series of short stories.

A New Place
A New Place

No.1227 My sister claimed this.

In the foreground bottom left of this artwork is my eldest daughter and her 4 children arriving in Tasmania from WA to find a new home for her family.

I placed the old weatherboard house on the horizon, and it is definitely a Tasmanian thing, Tasmania has so many of them and now having gone on to doing hundreds of them in my series of "My Red Dog" which we will go into a little later further down the track.

Purchasing an old ute when we first arrived and placing it under the trees in the left-hand background of the painting, the ute is now just a memory as it broke somewhere down the Bass Highway and goodness knows where it ended up.

In painting this picture of A New Place it seems I hadn't lost the idea of red earth which I was so used to depicting in my desert scenes.

The Tasmanian soil is chocolate brown so rich and strong in colour but somehow it alluded me at the time of doing this painting. Being one of my favourite oil paintings on Belgium linen, so much texture so much depth and so rich in colour.

The family was now enjoying Tassie and did so for quite a few years. My grandchildren loved the different environment the cold and the snow especially since coming from the tropics.

After several years here they went back to Western Australia and settled there.

Tasmania is still my favourite place at this time in my life and even though one never knows where they will end up I think I will always call Tasmania my home.

Having been a wanderer an explorer and always needed the excitement, where now life is becoming a little closed in. Painting everyday and trying to learn to understand my way of life as it moves on, trying to learn to slow down and not finding it very easy, so thank heaven for my art and my variation in paint styles, it is all about learning how to handle it.

My blog is another way of settling my restlessness, telling my stories of travel and where my art came from and how it evolved and hoping it will keep me going for a long time yet.

I will be putting my blogs up on a weekly basis (I hope) thinking a calendar and automatic feed might do the trick as I have a back log of blogs. Seems I can never do things in small doses always have to overdo it. If you wish to read more please go to my web page and sign up for my weekly blog.

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