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Tasmania somewhere

No 66. in my series of short stories

Thylacine wombat and old shack in the Tasmanian forest
Tasmania somewhere

A large 2m by 1.2m Mixed Media on canvas. A colourful painting which makes up my story. This painting was done after a day out in the forests of Tasmania somewhere (It is SOLD).

I began this work on the back deck behind my Art Gallery. I threw down large painting tarpaulin's and then i placed the stretched canvas on top. Of course expecting to catch on the tarps all the overspray and drips from the spray cans that I use first, then maybe a paint brush or any utensil that I chose. Sometimes I don't know why I bother with the tarps because half the paint goes on the deck and lots hovers in the air and flows with the breeze finding its resting place on my plants, though it does make for a colourful garden. I have no idea how this canvas will end up but I pushed on. The spray cans are extremely colourful and I always use quality art materials and graffiti artists paints they are the best and forever lasting. Various colours bright and happy that is what has taken me into my own little world. Later on when all is dry I work over it drawing the picture with a fine paint brush.

Then lets let loose.

Starting to make shapes out of the underneath colours, a bit of this and a bit of that.

Eventually I can see different things popping out and I go for it. Out of my head the ideas flow, no copying a photo, as my imagination is pretty out there and I start to love what I am doing. The negative space is what makes it pop, it brings the items I want to be noticeable out in front. Painting a wash of white over the background and just leaving what is needed to make this painting sing. Hidden in this process in the right hand bottom corner is a wombat. On the right hand side of the dwelling is a Tasmanian Tiger a Raven on the roof and some sort of colourful bird in the tree. A strung clothes line in front of the house with a towel, a pair of jeans and bras on it, though they are a little hard to see. ( you can enlarge the picture). The isolation in this shack sometimes makes me want to be in that position again.

This painting is all a part of memories of my travels in and around Tasmania somewhere.

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Apr 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love the colours!

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