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Suffering from artists shoulder.

Updated: Jul 25

Most days I paint but this painting hooked me more than usual, so after spending 6 hours a day for several days in a row I'm now suffering from artist shoulder and back pain. I suppose it goes with the job (or retirement).

The painting I am doing is over 2 metres square and hanging directly on a wall in my gallery, as seen in the photo below, and it reaches almost from cornice to skirting board.

Maybe I am used to an easel and a slightly smaller canvas but I can't leave this one alone it is so much of a challenge.

Painting with artists shoulder
Derby Tasmania

I really hope that my suffering from artists shoulder from painting up to 8hours a day is not going to be an ongoing issue though I don't like my chances. Maybe drugs might help.

The computer is also a bit of an issue as I sit for hours doing my own web page, blogs and all social media, that means the damn mobile phone needs to take a rest as well.

I am a little lost for something else to do as art is such a big part of my life.

Recently trying to take up book reading, previously only ever reading when I was out in the desert and usually during the hottest hours of the day, when we would find a billabong and with a little luck a coolabah tree, and have some lunch and a rest.

Too much sun and no trees then I would submerge myself up to the shoulders in that billabong, with just one arm a book my head and a hat out of the water, one would then hope I wouldn't go to sleep.

A large part of this painting is still only undercoat and each time I get into it it changes.

Needing a step stool for standing on and a ladder to sit my palette and water on, this helps take some pressure off my back. I am not the tallest person in the room, so I do need to improvise to reach so high, and I can raise and lower the canvas if needed.

So hang in for a while and I really hope that I can show you a finished product sooner rather than later.

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