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Richmond Bridge.

Updated: Feb 28

No.15.   in my series of short stories.

Richmond Bridge Tasmania you must visit and holiday
Richmond Bridge

Richmond Bridge No.1674. Sold

Always going on road trips for some inspiration and I sure found some when I spotted the Richmond bridge.

This photographic historic colonial-era town has more than 50 Georgian buildings, many meticulously restored and operating as an array of shops for locals and tourist alike. From its picture perfect bridge as seen in my painting above to the convict gaol and all its ghost stories.

An easy drive from Hobart and a leisurely day out exploring this quaint little town, taking in all the history of the early settlers and life today as we know it. From the first time I saw this bridge and its beautiful surroundings I really had to paint it.

Starting with a partial drawing on paper and a couple of pics so I could get a bit of an idea for when I arrived back home to my studio. Rarely drawing I outline and make up the design of my painting using a paint brush. Doing this on a lovely new white stretched canvas and continuing until I get what I want, before starting the process of filling in with a layer of watered down acrylic paint. Then let the fun begin with my oil paint sticks. Layers of paint go on depending on the finish I want. This takes a few weeks of prepping, painting, scraping, sanding, whatever I need for that finished look. Working on small areas before it finally all comes together, I suppose it's a little like a jigsaw puzzle. The painting changes again and again throughout the process. I love making the shapes of the trees and bushes it gives me a chance to do my own thing. Many of my ideas come from my years of loving and attending to my own garden. You will often see me on Instagram videoing myself painting at my easel.

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Unknown member
Aug 10, 2023

Love this painting! 🎨

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