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Great Western Tiers.

Updated: Feb 29

No.29.   in my series of short stories.

textural linen painting
Great Western Tiers

No.1653. Great Western Tiers Tasmania. FOR SALE

My day trip to the Great Western Tiers was a transformative experience, one that instilled a profound connection to nature and the power of artistic expression.

The beauty of this remarkable destination, captured with acrylics, oil paints and oil sticks on Belgium Linen, serves as a testament to the magnificence of our natural world.

Through my artwork, I hope to inspire others to explore and cherish the wonders that surround us, and to preserve the delicate balance of nature for generations to come.

The Great Western Tiers will forever hold a special place in my memories. Often I go driving to view what may or may not become a landscape painting.

I might not paint it for years or not at all, but there may come a day when I fire up for a certain look or texture in my art to motivate me enough, or to find that special challenge somewhere back in my head.

This particular painting is extremely textural with undercoats in acrylic and a cover of oil paint and oil stick, the layers must be applied slowly due to drying times between.

Often not pre drawing but taking a paintbrush and roughly putting in the horizon line and a few ideas of where I hope it will all go, sometimes taking me weeks, my mind changes so much to what I would like to see.

By the time the painting is completed it possibly won't have much of a resemblance to when I started, though all these changes add so much texture and so many different ideas as I go.

Then to finish with an extraordinary piece of art all put together in my head and transferred on to my stretched linen.

My art is not from formal training but through years of experience and of being a visual person while out on the land.

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Glen Slee
Glen Slee
Aug 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love all on this page Beverley - Great Western Tiers; The last bastion is breached; Mount Roland; and Richmond Bridge. Quite diverse peices and each very appealing for different reasons. Thanks also for 'the story' attached to Great Western Tiers. Cheers, Glen

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