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My Red Dog series.

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No.57.   in my series of short stories.

Beverley calling Red Dog back home
My Red Dog series

My painting describes a vivid picture of the pastoral beauty of Paradise, a suburb behind Sheffield, Tasmania. The proximity to Mt Roland adds a majestic touch to the landscape, making it a truly iconic part of the North West scenery.

The scattered houses with small and large acreages create a charming and diverse community within Paradise. The presence of cattle and sheep roaming in the vast hilly area adds to the rural ambiance, giving a sense of harmony between human habitation and the natural surroundings.

My art and travels with my red dog capture these moments and scenes from my own backyard. The connection between my artistic expression and the places I explore seem to be a rich source of inspiration for my work. The fact that my art gallery is also situated in this region suggests a deep-rooted connection to the local landscapes and communities.

As I continue to document and interpret these experiences through my art, it not only becomes a personal journey but also a way of sharing the unique beauty of Tasmania with others. My paintings likely serve as a visual narrative, allowing viewers to glimpse the charm and character of Paradise and the surrounding areas.

I have a very personal approach to my painting process, blending memories, imagination, and experiences from my surroundings. Using acrylic paint as a base and then transitioning to oil paint and using a drying medium to speed up the process.

I allow my painting to evolve and change as I work on it, it reflects the organic nature of the creative process. It's interesting how my memories and experiences, such as the landscapes and scenes from my childhood or countryside explorations, become integral elements in my artwork.

Adding various elements like dogs, chickens, fences, houses, trees, and even people further enriches the narrative and brings life to my creations. It's clear that my art is a dynamic reflection of my emotions, memories, and the stories I carry with me.

Embracing the fluidity of the painting, making adjustments as needed, and continuously building upon it are all part of my artistic journey. My willingness to experiment and add more details until I achieve the desired balance demonstrating a dedication to the craft and a deep connection to my creative expression.

I keep enjoying the process, and my paintings continue to be a source of joy and personal reflection for both you and those who get to experience my art.

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