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MY RED DOG. Series

Updated: Feb 29

No.26.   in my series of short stories.

Lost at Cradle Mountain
Lost at Cradle Mountain


No.1686 Lost at Cradle Mountain.

30cm x 20cm. Oil on Linen on board.

During the painting process, several layers of acrylic paint were laid down thinly so no paint was obtrusive. The last 2 paint layers were done with Rembrandt Oil Paint and a mid range paint medium for faster drying. Each layer is scratched down with my palette knife so a small amount of paint is left in the hollows of the weave in the linen, this leaves small amounts of colour that peep through when the final layer of paint is added.

After a day or two and the painting is completely dry I then lay down a coat of a high grade artists gloss varnish, once again I wait for it to be thoroughly dry and paint on the last coat of varnish to finalise it. This process of varnishing makes the colour pop.

This is the last painting left for sale (Now SOLD) in this series of 50 paintings of My Red Dog. You can only just see him running down the hill behind the boat shed at Dove Lake in the highlands of Northern Tasmania.

This series is a reminder of Red Dog (from the movie). Red dog frequented the caravan park where we lived in Northern Western Australia and he slept under our caravan, anything to get out of the heat, my children fed and watered him whenever he was around.

Red dog would stay only as long as the Road Train he was travelling in was in town to fuel up and give the driver a sleep over, then he was back into the truck cab and back on the road again to who knows where. See you next time.

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