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Beverley Skurulis Gallery

Updated: Aug 16

Gallery Latrobe Tasmania
Beverley Skurulis Gallery

My Gallery is a renowned artistic hub where the art on display has been captivating enthusiasts and collectors alike for nearly two decades.

Situated in Latrobe Tasmania the gallery is a treasure trove of creativity, showcasing over 55 years of Beverley's art, which is an eclectic mix of the contemporary and traditional.

The Gallery also has Kiln Fired Glass, local woodwork and Jigsaw puzzles.

When I first came across this 1865 building in the Main Street of Latrobe it was definitely showing its age. For a year or two I not only renovated but rebuilt much of it.

New walls, floors, ceilings and roofing, even re-stumping the complete building. Recently re-painting the internal walls of the gallery with a lovely red.

The back of the gallery leads into a beautiful courtyard garden where I am the designer creator gardener. The garden is filled with several types of ferns and deciduous trees.

Often I will get ideas from these plants and paint them into my art work.

The large back deck is often used as a backdrop for me to lay my art on when I am painting backgrounds, whether in oil, acrylic or spray, this regularly leads to the plants in the garden being several shades of everything but green.

A lovely place to live, paint, and enjoy life like I always have done. You must visit the gallery if only for some inspiration, my art is colourful and fun, my hope is to keep my world and yours a beautiful place to be.



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