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Albany Western Australia

Updated: Feb 29

No.56.   in my series of short stories.

cattle in a paddock under tall gum trees and rolling hills.
Albany W.A

Wonderful memories from my time working just out of Albany, Western Australia on a property called Wongabeena Stud. The combination of housekeeper, cook, and farm worker made for a unique and enriching experience. Balancing the responsibilities of farm life with the joy of expressing myself through art was a great way to appreciate both the practical and creative aspects of my life.

My ability to find time for drawing and painting, even amidst the demands of farm work, reflects my commitment to my passion and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounded me. Exploring the countryside and coastal scenery, capturing the essence of the region in my artwork.

A passion for art has always been in me.

At a very early age my father was my push he built me my first easel and a lovely wooden art box to house all my bits and pieces, I still have this wonderful box sitting in the hallway of my home. In my early 20's the support came from my husband, particularly when we were setting up an exhibition. Harry would help with all the picture framing and make my easels and it was very handy him being an electricia, as he would set up all the lighting.

My eldest daughter would put every bit of herself into also helping with all aspects of the exhibition, there is nothing like having a strong and supportive network. It is very clear to me that my artistic life has been a source of joy and fulfilment and the help of family made it so much more fulfilling.

The above painting was done many years ago in oil paint on Belgium linen, it was displayed and sold in my gallery in the main Street of Latrobe, Tasmania. Allowing others to appreciate and enjoy my artistic creations.

I hope that my creative journey will continue into my later years.

I will be painting forever and be free to do so.

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Jan 31
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A wonderful life Beverley!


Jan 30
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WOW, beautiful painting and story

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