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Emu, Karijini Ranges, Kangaroo, Australian Outback.

No.75. In my series of short stories.

Leaving the Pilbara after 30 years

Emu, Karijini Ranges, Kangaroo, Australian Outback.

OK. so we left Karratha and found another life. In this painting it looks like we left in a hurry everyone on the run, though the kangaroo resting in the foreground doesn't look like he is in too much of a rush.

Painting desert stories friends family and wildlife all coming together to help make up experiences of half a lifetime in outback Australia.

Always thinking I am repeating myself though most pieces are sort of similar but different in their own way.

Describing the above painting as it captures the essence of the heat and landscape of North Western Australia's outback, featuring mesas in the background and spinifex grass in the distance and to the foreground. My technique on Belgium Linen of using a few coats of yellow thinned down oil paint washed over the painting allows for depth and texture, enhancing the portrayal of the rugged terrain whilst the spinifex grass, which I denote with the yellow or straw colour wash to avoid painting each strand individually. I feel that this adds a realistic touch to the scene.

Spinifex is a genus of grasses growing on coastal dunes in Asia and Australasia.

I incorporated elements like the children on the run and lingering around or hanging on the fence rails, this I find reflects some of our personal experiences in the desert.

My approach of finding uniqueness in each piece while maintaining a consistent theme of the outback, showcases my artistic style and connection to the landscape. The mesas, with their varying shapes and colours depending on the season, serve as a focal point that highlights the ever-changing beauty of the outback.

I more than often find inspiration from specific memories or moments in the desert when creating these paintings?

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