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Peace and Tranquility.

Updated: Feb 29

No.31.   in my series of short stories.

stormy sky,  winter
Peace and Tranquility.

No 1714 FOR SALE.

Peace and Tranquility is mixed media on Canvas.

On this wonderful overcast chilli day when I was travelling back from Hobart taking my time as I always do. Lots of stop offs lots of exploring eating and of course lots of coffee.

It had been snowing and it was hard to see exactly which way the road went, it was all rather dangerous even though it was quite breathtaking.

Thinking I would stop off a bit further down the track and maybe it would all blow over. I needed to find a resting place to hold up in.

Oatlands one of several gorgeous townships dotted up through the midland highway, deciding to stop off where the main street and surrounding countryside was a blanket of snow.

I found myself a little coffee shop and sat and read some of the history of this tiny little town. Today it was very pretty with snow on the roofs the street trees and up the footpaths, the road was partially covered only showing some of the black top as the tyre tracks from the local traffic had pushed the snow up the curbs.

People going their own way all rugged up in coats, scarves, beanies and boots, doing some shopping visiting the doctor and like me chatting to a stranger or a neighbour they possibly hadn't seen in a week or two, sometimes due to the cold it was easier to stay at home.

I sat in front of a nice warm log fire in this wayside cafe where the waitresses were lovely and we chatted and I watched as they took from under the counter a cup from which they sipped a shot of whiskey every now and then, they said it helped them get through their day if they were half cut.

Staying for a couple of hours and not wanting to sleep in my car again I pushed on. The trip was made easier in my new bright Red Skoda which has heated seats, and steering and all the bells and whistles to make my trips all the more comfortable, including a massage seat.

I love to drive love to explore and I love to take photos. More kilometres up the highway through the never ending road works and on to Ross. A very interesting early settler town with great convict history.

Tasmania is so inspirational to my art that the above painting was done as soon as I arrived home.

I am sure there will be another series of paintings, I just have to get them out of my head and onto a linen or canvas.

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