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A big day in the city.

Updated: Feb 28

No.4 in my series of short stories.

This is me having a big day in the city and I am presuming I was about 3years old. This photo was taken in Hay Street Perth Western Australia when Hay Street was not a mall but a street. There used to be a photographer with a camera and a black cloth over the top of the camera and over his head. Silly man I don't know how he could see very much. This is probably what I thought by the look on my face.

Beverley needs a new dress ,shoes, ribbons and socks.
A big day in the city

A happy family unit of a mum Dad and three kids in a big house in an upmarket suburb. I was the youngest child in this family and I had not a worry in the world. Things changed when our mother decided to move out and leave her three children with their father.

Our house was built on the high part of a very large block, and the land swept down to the river. (The Swan River). The house had a verandah all the way around, and we played on that verandah most days, we rode our bikes around and around on sunny wet, windy in fact any type of day. It was a really cool house. It had French doors from most rooms out onto that verandah and the front and back doors were in line with each other. It had a central passage so when the front and back doors were open you could have a lovely straight through view to the river.

My life is depicted in my art, from travelling to and living in lots of towns cities and remote parts of Australia. I love to drive and explore. I love scenery, towns, art, old furniture, old cars, old people, not much I don't love to look at and since arriving in Tasmania there is nothing like a good coffee on a cold day.

If you are still around I will share with you my art and stories on the wonderful memories and life I have had and am having.

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